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Worship Team

Children grades 3-5 and Youth grades 6-12 light and extinguish the candles for worship services.  Youth serve first and third Sundays and children serve second, fourth and fifth Sundays.  Training is required.

Altar Care
Altar care is preparing the altar for worship.  Laying out the paraments, hanging the banners, setting the flower arrangements, checking the candles and preparing the communion elements.  The Altar Care team is also responsible for altar design for Advent and Lent/Easter seasons.  Knowledge of the church season start and end dates and the associated color is required.  Contact Cay or Mary W. for more information if you would like to help.

Audio/Video Specialist
The Audio/Video Specialist plays a key role in worship and special services.  He projects the slides that guide the congregation through the worship service.  He ensures the video, sound and microphone equipment is working properly prior to the worship service.   The  Audio/Video Specialist also provides sound support for the choir when a CD is used for the music.  You will receive the worship materials from the Pastor.  Contact David B. if you would like to help.

Children's Sermon Presenter
The children's sermon presenter delivers the Children's Time sermonette during worship service.  You will receive the sermonette material from the Pastor.  Contact Pastor for more information.

The Liturgist assists the Pastor with the worship service for one month.  They are responsible for reading the announcements, guiding the congregation through the worship service and assisting in providing communion.  You will receive the worship materials from the Pastor.  Contact Nancy K. for more information.

Organist & Pianist
The organist and pianist are volunteer positions.  They provide the music for the worship service and accompany the choir practice on Thursdays at 5:00 pm.  The Choir Director selects the special music and hymns.  Contact Judy S. if you would like to use your musical talent for worship.

The ushers greet the church members and visitors, pass out bulletins, help the acolytes, guide the congregation during communion, take up the offerings and count the attendance.  The monthly sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board in Fellowship Hall.