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Pastor's Note
From the desk of Rev. Danny Barrett

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Pastor's Pen
September 2017

August has gone and September begins with a huge impact. We now have begun the cleanup in the Houston and Beaumont areas of our Conference. Over 50 inches of rain has fallen and houses have been flooded and now our part comes into play. Our relief organization UMCOR is already on the ground with volunteers and workers that are rapidly assisting those displaced from their homes. UMCOR is an agency inside of the United Methodist Church that gives 100 % of donations to the area of need. There are no admin costs. So far we have given 900.00 to UMCOR but that will only be a drop in the bucket. I would like to take up a special offering for the next few weeks of September for UMCOR. The need is great and because we are a connectional denomination we hurt as our brothers and sisters hurt. The media has shown how Texas takes care of its own so let's show the world how the United Methodist Church takes care of its own. I know that this church has a history of helping. So let's continue that connection. Thank you in advance for what you are about to do!

Danny B