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Community Outreach

Good Samaritan
Rains County Good Samaritan (RCGS) is our church's primary community outreach mission. The organization was founded by a coalition of sister churches in this county.  These churches support RCGS both financially and with volunteer services. It is an operation that re-sells donated clothing, household items, furnishings, etc., the proceeds of which are used to support the Food Pantry that serves our county residents in need.

Volunteers from Emory UMC staff the food pantry twice monthly, on the 2nd Saturday, 9 am to noon, and the 2nd full week Thursday, 1 pm to 4 pm (it is recommended that volunteers arrive 15 to 30 minutes early to help make advance preparations).  We select from a variety of packaged/canned/boxed foods, meats, breads, snacks, and occasionally fresh produce off the shelves and box it up for each family.  On Thursdays we also receive the East Texas Food Bank delivery and stock the shelves and freezers.  

Our volunteers also staff the Thrift Shop and Clothing Store on the 4th Saturday of each month, 7:30 am to noon.  We help customers locate items in the store, price and bag purchases. Some lifting may be required to help load furniture or move donations to storage areas.

Volunteers are men, women and youth of all ages, church and non-church members.  It is an opportunity to serve the community, meet and form relationships with fellow volunteers and with our customers and their families.  We meet right at Good Samaritan, which is located behind the public library on Highway 69.  New volunteers are always needed and welcomed with open arms.  For more information on volunteering at the food pantry contact Lea W. or the Thrift & Clothing store contact Kathy K.

Our church participates with Rains Intermediate and Junior High mentorship programs.  Prior to becoming a mentor a background check will be conducted.  Once you are approved you will be assigned a student. You will meet your student one on one at the school each week for 30-40 minutes during the school day.   You will be helping a student with their studies or helping a student that needs a little navigation in their life.  Contact Nancy K. if you want to learn more.

To start the process contact Mentor Coordinator Sandra McAndrew at Rains Intermediate School or the Counselor's secretary Susan Hazelwood at Rains Junior High school.