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care and prayer
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Care and Prayer

Bereavement Food Committee
Contact Cheryl or Betsy if you would like to help.

Home Bound Visitation  
The Pastor and two to four other church members make up the visitation team.  The monthly newsletter, an Upper Room Devotional and a CD of the Sunday worship service is taken to each person.  During the visit you will be singing, praying and talking with the person.  Prior to the visit a call is made to determine a good time to come.  We meet at the church office and ride from there to the homes together.  Anyone who wants to participate in this ministry can contact the church office for more information.
Prayer Room
The prayer room is located in the church building on the northeast corner and it is always open, and available to members and the community for private prayer.  There is an exterior door and steps that leading into the room.  Inside the room there is a desk and chair as well as a kneeling rail to use for praying.  The current prayer list and a Bible are available.

Winds of the Spirit Prayer Team
The team is made up of 8 church members that meet every Wednesday from 8:30 am to 9:55 am in Fellowship Hall.  The prayer list from Sunday is reviewed and names are added as needed.  We begin our time together by praying individually and for the names on the prayer list.  The daily Upper Room Devotion and the study questions are studied and discussed.  If time permits, a special devotional may be delivered by one of the members.  We end our time together with the Lord's Prayer.   Anyone who wants to join the group is welcome.  Contact Mary W. for more information.