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Book Club

No Country for Old Men  by Cormac McCarthy

NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN follows three major characters: Eric Newman — an idealistic academic obsessed with the truth about the death of a left–wing poet of the 1930s for his almost finished biography of the writer; Eric’s old friend Nick Burns — a federal agent with no illusions; and Odette des Chavannes — a high profile investigative journalist who is always pursuing a blockbuster story. Their objective — to recover the long-lost technology that is the key to a secret weapon for psychological warfare. Their quests intertwine in a globetrotting journey from New York to Washington, Paris, Buenos Aires and Santiago, through a labyrinth of multinational power and international corruption, where rules and stakes shift constantly and adversaries wear many masks.

The next Book Club meeting will be at 6 pm, October 22nd at Emory UMC.